A Crack in the Family: Roads Taken Today Determine Your Tomorrows

How Do You Build a Road?
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Perhaps a smooth running path is a better route for a long walk! Thanks so much for your comment today, Sherry! We're super excited to hear from Wonder Friends who are also awesome educators! Because of the age range of our different Wonder Friend visitors, and for the benefit of everyone who visits Wonderopolis and gains even MORE knowledge by reading over the comments to each Wonder, we occasionally have to adjust the spelling of a word or two, or help by adding punctuation.

We try very hard not to disturb the integrity of each comment's content, though. We value every authentic comment, and try our best to reply to each one. We're glad you stopped by Wonderopolis today! Wonderopolis, This is a really great wonder! I really enjoyed learning about sidewalks! I never knew that cement and concrete were not the same thing! I also never knew that cement is not a natural element!

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To go even farther, I wonder why sidewalks are mostly always white? Thank you so much for having this wonderful website and wonderful topics!! Your comment made our day, Team Unger 2! Thanks for stopping by this Wonder about sidewalks I thought this wonder was very interesting! I thought cement and concrete were the same thing.

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I thought cracks or "contraction joints" just happened because the sidewalk was old or worn. Now I know that when concrete dries, it cracks and that's why there are cracks on the sidewalk. I also thought it was interesting to learn what is in concrete and how it is made. I used to play hopscotch on the sidewalk when I was little, and I still like to rollerblade or ride my bike on it, too. I wonder what tomorrow's wonder will be? We're sure glad you learned all these awesome facts about sidewalks, Anne! It's pretty neat to learn new things every day in Wonderopolis, isn't it?

What Is a Pothole?

We really enjoyed your comment! I think that your next wonder should be, "Why is the sun yellow? Did you know there is a Wonder about the SUN already? This is a wonderful wonder, because I've never thought about it before. It is more interesting then I thought it would be. I never knew sidewalk cracks actually had a name, contraction joints.

Also, I always thought cement and concrete were the same thing.

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I wonder what people would do if cracks already were there in a sidewalk. I think the next wonder is about memory loss. We thought it was interesting to learn new things about sidewalks, too, Jenna! Thank you for sharing this comment with everyone in Wonderopolis today, and also for guessing what you think tomorrow's Wonder might be about!

We can't wait to see if you are right! I actually never thought about how a sidewalk got its cracks, I figured it just happened! Sometimes, my friends and I would try to not walk on the cracks or the "contraction joints" while we walked across the sidewalks. I think I probably should pay a little more attention to the stuff about sidewalks, like the difference between concrete and cement, the reason the lines are there in the sidewalk and where the cracks come from.

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A Crack in the Family presents the story of author Sissy Smith’s life, examining her role not only as narcotic abuser but also an enabler. It traces a journey through the tragic world of the crack cocaine epidemic in America, exploring family. A Crack in the Family: Roads Taken Today Determine Your Tomorrows [Sissy B.] on wangmosttypyto.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Crack in the Family.

This wonder has really made me wonder! It's always good to take what you learn about something and strive to learn more, more, MORE! Thank you for leaving us this great comment today! Dear Wonderopolis, We loved the article.

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Tomorrow, for Poetry Friday, we are going to write sidewalk poems. Then we will go outside and write our poems on the sidewalk. We hope it won't be raining. Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't step on a crack or you'll break your mother's back?

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Thanks again! Johnson's third grade.

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I would have shrugged it off and helped him with whatever the task at hand was, but also would have made a mental note to remind him of my willingness to be flexible in case the situation was ever reversed. Or being right. This shows I am committed, responsible and take initiative. Covey and his thinking underpin most of the discourse in conversations of this type — great that you are an enthusiast. Socially: What a jerk!

We are so excited to hear about your sidewalk poems, Mrs. We will send good wishes for great weather! We like the video, too, Natalia! That little boy sure does like to hop a lot, doesn't he? Thank you for visiting Wonderopolis today!

I think tomorrow's wonder is about memory. I'm really good at memory games, so they are easy for me!!!! You'll have to check back to see if you were right!

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What is a contraction joint? What is concrete made of? Tags: See All Tags aluminum , builder , building , bumpy , cement , concrete , contraction , crack , crushed , element , glue , grooving , hopscotch , hydration , iron , joint , line , material , plastic , play , rock , sand , saw , sidewalk , smooth , strip , tool , zip-strip.

Wonder What's Next? Try It Out When you walk along the sidewalk, do you try to avoid the lines? Keep the learning moving along today by checking out one or more of the following fun activities with a friend or family member: Get up close and personal with the sidewalks in your neighborhood. Tucker Carlson. Idiots in Love: Chronicles of Romantic Stupidity. Leland Gregory. S Street Rising. Ruben Castaneda. Flyover Nation.